where counterfeits come from

Where does counterfeit money come from

The creation of counterfeit money is both illegal and unethical. Counterfeit money is a dark business associated with criminal organizations. Indeed the Peruvian mafias own the fame for counterfeit money creation.

The money is printed in rural areas in Peru with the association of criminal organizations. Unquestionably, a considerable portion of fake US bills come from Peru to America. The counterfeit bills hidden within containers are transported to hotspots in America such as NewYork,  Boston, and new jersey.

Indeed the process and the dedication for printing money are complex. Criminals take weeks to finish the notes looks real. Indeed, the Peruvian counterfeit money scandal passes across families, making the process continuous and upgrading.

Advanced technology and skillful laborers are involved in the process from start to end. Indeed around ten individuals join in the process, such as the designers, cutters, and artists.

Indeed, the process is split into several parts to make connections interruptions between the individuals in the process. A fake $100 note costs around $4 and sold for $20. The manufacturers own a profit of $16 while the resellers earn up to 90%. The counterfeit money mafia is hard to defeat as the technology improves day by day.

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