can counterfeit money be traced

How to tell the difference between counterfeit money and real money

Differentiating between counterfeit money and real money

The fake cash looks legitimate when compared to real money. Therefore it’s tricky and troublesome to clarify the difference. There are several methods and technologies used to track counterfeit money. The following techniques assure to prove the originality to a greater extent. Let’s dive in and discuss them in more detail.

  • The Note Comparison

Indeed one of the primary methods is comparing the look. The counterfeit notes may look altered or missing characteristic features when compared with genuine notes. Vital observations aid in recognizing fake bills easily.

  • Utilizing the Detector pen

Using a detector pen is a reliable method to figure out fake bills.  The detector pen ink leaves a mark in real money by reacting the solution with a note. Also, the mark fades within few hours. Each pen is capable of identifying over 2000 notes.

  • Track with detector machines

Using a detector machine is an all-in-one option. It assures verification following different methods. Such as UV light test, detect magnetic strips, and microprinting magnifier. The detector machine checks itself and informs if the note is counterfeit.

  • The security thread method

A security thread is a compulsory component on a legitimate note. Therefore the absence of a security thread may alert the note to be counterfeit. Consequently, observing the security thread leads to figure out the fake bills easily.

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