passing the pen test with counterfeit money

can counterfeit money pass the pen test

Can counterfeit money pass the pen test

Counterfeit money is identical to actual notes. Therefore it’s essential to sort out fake and real bills. There are several methods used in identifying counterfeit money.

Pentest is one of the best practices used to sort out authentic note materials from fake. Indeed, the solution in pen reacts and leaves a mark on the wood-based paper. But the fake dollars don’t make any changes. Counterfeit bills except The bleached notes may fail the pen test.

The active ingredient of the solution is iodine. Therefore it reacts with wood-based paper and leaves a mark that fades within few hours. The counterfeit bills may pass the pen test with a simple trick; application of vitamin c solution to the notes passes the pen test. Indeed, this may not be very successful, but this method is widely used to fake the pen test.

Indeed, the bleached lower denominated notes can pass the pen test without any issues. Criminals reprint the bleached notes with higher values assuring the notes inherit the actual bills. Indeed the pen test shouldn’t be considered as the sole method in fake bill detection. Detector machines, UV light tests, etc., are essential other than the pen test to identify the counterfeit notes.

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