can counterfeit money be used in slot machines

Can counterfeit money be used in slot machines?

Indeed using counterfeit money for transactions is strictly prohibited. Certainly, current-day machines are powered with money detecting facilities to ensure the authenticity of money. Furthermore, CDM, vending machines, and slot machines are equipped to sort out fake bills. In slot machines, even an average detector can identify counterfeit notes from real ones. Magnetic ink, stored characters, and watermarks are scanned to verify the bills. It’s almost impossible to use counterfeit money in slot machines. Indeed, it might result in negative consequences trying to use counterfeit money.

Indeed, it’s hard to cheat the detectors with counterfeit notes. Even the bleached notes may become easy to be detected. Most of the machines use UV scanners, magnetic readers, size scanners, and chemical composition scanners to verify. The UV scanners observe the glowing watermarks while magnetic readers check the magnetic ink. The size scanners make sure to verify the bills follow the accurate dimensions.

Furthermore, the chemical composition of the notes is considered to make sure the authenticity of the material.  Therefore don’t risk using fake bills for authentic transactions. Avoiding counterfeit notes is the best decision to prevent negative legal consequences.

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