can counterfeit money be traced

Can counterfeit money be traced?

Counterfeit money is illegal to use and might cause severe legal issues upon getting caught. Indeed, it’s a significant loss for business and customers that get trapped in counterfeit money. Furthermore, it’s essential to know how to identify real vs. fake bills. Indeed there are several methods to trace counterfeit money. Therefore can provide tremendous support to avoid counterfeit bills. Here are some best tips to trace counterfeit money.

  • Identify with color-shifting ink.

This method helps to identify fake bills with the color shifts. Indeed, the left-right corner numbers shift the color to black or green from the initial green and gold.

  • The Authentic watermark

The watermark is a copy of the printed face or else an oval shape found in notes. Indeed, the watermark doesn’t appear in normal conditions. The bills are likely to be fake, as if a watermark appears without projecting a light.

  • The security Thread and the microprinting.

It’s essential to contain a security thread with microprinting to be authentic notes. A unique phrase is microprinted in each note stating the value.

  • The UV test

The ultraviolet or UV light testing confirms the validity of notes. Several devices use UV light to track counterfeit money. Indeed, the Notes light up with respective colors unique to each. So the UV is one of the best methods to prove authenticity.

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